5 Wishes - A Celebration of Life

"5 Wishes - A Celebration of Life" covers five venues where 5 of the past wishes had taken place. The sites are selected in remembrance of a few of our wish beneficiaries.

Participants of "5 Wishes - A Celebration of Life" will receive an e-Badge for cycling to each of these sites. To earn an e-Badge, participants simply need to upload a photo of themselves at the site venues of the following destinations on the microsite together with the distance covered.

Upon collecting all 5 e-Badges, participants will receive a customised AWS Collectors EZ Link card.

We hope you can be a part of our wish granting journey when you cycle to these specially selected sites and find out more about the wishes we had granted.

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Botanic Gardens

About the Wish
Mdm Divydershinis wish was to bring her dog Valentino for an outing at the Botanic Gardens.

The onset of COVID-19 had caused a period of separation between loved ones for many of us. This longing was painfully felt by Mdm Divya when her beloved pet, Valentino, was stranded for months in the United Kingdom's lockdown. In the words of her family, she only has eyes for the adorable pooch! With Valentino overseas, AWS helped alleviate her heartache by surprising her with a family caricature portrait.

Presented to the family in December 2020, the portrait featured 28 of Mdm Divya's loved ones. She was lovingly portrayed as Wonder Woman and Valentino, her dashing fur prince!

Following Valentino's happy return, AWS brought Mdm Divya and her fur prince to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in January 2021. Both Mdm Divya and her treasured fur-child got to bask in the sunshine with ample grounds for Valentino to explore. The day was memorable as they enjoyed the cacophony of chirping birds and colourful flowers of the National Orchid Garden followed with lunch at the Casa Verde.

It had been 22 years since Mdm Divya last visited the gardens. In her condition, mobility was an issue and travelling was a challenge and a huge undertaking for her family. Hence, the opportunity to visit the Gardens with volunteers was deeply appreciated. Mdm Divya was awed by the transformation of the gardens.

To commemorate this visit, our volunteer photographer, Loo, snapped photographs of a smiley Mdm Divya cradling Valentino, surrounded by lush greenery. With both a caricature portrait and joyful images framed, AWS managed to capture the unbreakable bond between Mdm Divya, Valentino and her family.

It truly had been our privilege to spend time with the lively Mdm Divya and witness the beautiful relationship she had with her furry companion.

Thank you to volunteers Alvin, Irene, Grace and Loo for making the day at the Botanic Gardens filled with smiles and happy barks!

Site Venue
Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanglin Gate)

Marina Barrage

About the Wish
Mr Selamat's wish was to bring his family to Marina Barrage for an afternoon of fun.

As an active person and an avid football player, Mr Selamat and his family used to spend their leisure time in the outdoors. However, being wheelchair-bound and struggling to sit up for long periods had made these cherished outings more difficult. The wish team at AWS managed to organise an afternoon packed with activities just like the good old days for Mr Selamat and his family. This dearly missed pastime at the Marina Barrage was very much appreciated especially by the young ones in the family.

While the skies overhead were cloudy, his five children brightened up the field, armed with bubble guns and kites. Watching their carefree smiles in amusement, all the adults present - both family and volunteers - were easily drawn into laughter feeling instantly young at heart.

Mr Selamat had been a Grab driver before his illness and would frequent a coffee shop at Geylang Lorong 12 during his breaks. He would often catch glimpses of footballer Fandi Ahmad, whom he is a fan of.

Mr Selamat recounted how Fandi was always humble and friendly, never hesitating to say hello. Yet Mr Selamat, a football fan who used to play as often as four times a week, felt too shy to approach the footballer for his autograph. Knowing his passion for the sport, the wish team presented him with a signed football and Mr Ahmad’s biography at the Marina Barrage. Immediately, Mr Selamat’'s eyes lit up as he looked over the gifts and reminisced the wonderful memories of his life.

Towards the end of the outing, Mr Selamat asked to walk for a bit and joined his family for a picture while standing. Thankfully, the many precious moments from the outing were captured on camera. From the children's exhilaration as the kites caught a breeze and soared into the air, to the family portrait against Singapore's amazing skyline. Being the keen photographer that he was, Mr Selamat also took charge behind the camera and snapped away at his family, even coordinating a jump shot.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many people that made this day possible. To Mr Fandi Ahmad, for going the extra mile and making this day truly unforgettable for Mr Selamat. Our volunteers Jill, Renette, and Derick who coordinated this extraordinary wish experience for the entire family. Sunlight Ambulance for its attentive service. A big thank you to Marina Barrage and its staff member Jane, for assisting the team in locating the most ideal picnic spot for the family (conveniently by the lift and in the shade) while meticulously taking into consideration Mr Selamat's needs. To The Felicity Florals for the beautiful floral arrangement and Give Fun for the assortment of balloons. Finally, thank you IdrisVisuals for capturing every heartfelt moment and sealing them in a series of wonderful photographs.

AWS is grateful to all our conscientious and generous partners.

Site Venue
Marina Barrage (Main Entrance)

Gardens by the Bay

About the Wish
Mdm Chang's wish was to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary with her family at Gardens by the Bay, her favourite attraction.

Mdm Chang was incredibly fond of flowers and had made weekly trips to Gardens by the Bay over many years. We were amazed by her deep interest of this iconic garden, often traveling by herself on public transport to enjoy it in her earlier years! It was not surprising that Mdm Chang's wish request was to celebrate her 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary with a visit to Gardens by the Bay.

This joyous occasion was filled with so much warmth, love and surprises. First up was a specially arranged guided tour of the Flower Dome for Mdm Chang and her family. She was so grateful and touched to be treated as a VIP guest. Next, it was a sumptuous dinner for Mdm Chang and family at Hortus, where Mdm Chang enjoyed a wide array of Mediterranean delights.

Following dinner, the team presented Mdm Chang and husband with a video specially produced by our volunteers to commemorate the couple's Diamond Wedding Anniversary. It totally warmed the hearts of all present as we watched snippets of heartfelt well wishes from the family and photos of the loving couple taken over the years. We also presented Mdm Chang with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which included some of Mdm Chang's favourites - Forget Me Not, yellow roses and chrysanthemum. Not forgetting a customised anniversary cake too.

AWS was truly honoured to be able to create magical moments through the fulfilment of wishes. In Mdm Chang's wish experience, we witnessed God's abundant love flowing through Mdm Chang and her family. It was indeed an impactful reality for all involved in making this wish possible.

Our sincere thanks to Gardens by the Bay for hosting Mdm Chang and family on this special occasion. Hortus for the amazing dining experience. Hibiscus Florists' arrangement of beautiful flowers which Mdm Chang loved so much. Hatter Street for the delicious and pretty cake. Last but not least our amazing volunteers, Dionne, Willy and Youneng for all the efforts in making Mdm Chang's wish outing such a fun and memorable one.

Site Venue
Gardens by the Bay (Active Garden)


About the Wish
Mr Manimaran's wish was to bring his daughter to Universal Studio Sentosa.

Waking up to see our loved ones by our side, waving or kissing them goodbye before leaving home for work is perhaps a daily routine for many of us. However, this was not so for Mr Mani. To be able to talk to his wife and daughter over the phone was considered a treat and highlight of his days. Mr Mani was a resident of a nursing home in Singapore. His wife and daughter reside in Malaysia. Mr Mani, a Singaporean, moved to live in Malaysia after he married his Malaysian wife. They have a beautiful 10 year old daughter.

In 2021, Mr Mani had a fall at home and fractured his legs. He was transferred back to Singapore to seek treatment. Subsequently he had a heart attack, discovered he had kidney failure and stage 4 renal cancer. His eyesight was affected as a result. These series of misfortunes devastated him. It was made worse by the fact that his wife and daughter were not by his side.

We first got in touch with Mr Mani over a telephone call. He was very personable and shared a lot about his life. He shared that he used to work in the hotel industry as a beverage manager. When the conversation shifted to his family, we knew they were his everything as he spoke fondly of his wife and daughter.

Mr Mani's wish was to visit Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with his family. His young daughter had always dreamt of this family fun day. Mr Mani wanted very much to create family memories once again after falling ill and home bound for more than two years. Our team of volunteers were touched by Mr Mani's story and were determined to make wish day a memorable experience for him and his family.

Having not seen his family in a long time due to Mrs Mani's limited off days and the long travel time from Malaysia to Singapore, Mr Mani could hardly contain his excitement.

Knowing Mr Mani was a big fan of Manchester United, we presented him and his family with a set of Man U jerseys. It was a pleasant surprise for them as they happily changed into the jerseys and headed to lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa. On top of the delicious spread, the family had yet another surprise. A set of Hard Rock T shirts were presented to them by the Hard Rock Cafe team!

The family then made their way to USS where they were treated to a VIP experience with a personal VIP guide facilitating the tour. Although Mr Mani was unable to participate in any of the rides, he was really happy to see his wife and daughter enjoying them. There were also many photo opportunities to encapsulate the memories. After spending 3 hours in USS, the family headed to the Candylicious store and Mr Mani's 10 year old daughter Ponniylaa was treated to a variety of chocolates to take home. It was a fabulous family bonding outing which ended right when the skies opened up to a heavy downpour. It was just perfect timing!

The day ended on a high note for the family but not for long. More surprises were lined up for them as they made their way back to the nursing home.

Knowing just how much Mr Mani treasured his beloved wife, we prepared a bouquet of flowers for Mr Mani to present to his wife. We found out that young Ponniylaa loves Avatar and so the team presented her with a set of Avatar LEGO. Then came the final surprise - a video recorded by sweet Ponniylaa as well as a handmade card specially created by her for her daddy. In the video, Ponniylaa recounted memories of her growing up years with her father, telling him how great he had been and will always be her beloved father. She truly missed him. Mr Mani could not contain his emotions and tears came streaming down as he watched the clip and hugged his daughter tightly. Such deep love moved the entire team to tears. It was a priceless moment and a privilege to witness these special moments. Mr Mani was so grateful to Ambulance Wish Singapore and kept thanking the volunteers for making his wish come true. He probably never knew that his story impacted us more than what we did for him. The team had a long day but without a doubt, everyone went home with a warm fuzzy feeling. One that would encourage us and fill our hearts with gladness knowing that our combined efforts have touched another life, brought closure to the family and joy that will live in their hearts for always. We in turn returned home with a greater appreciation for the loved ones around us whom we often take for granted. Thank you Mr Mani and family.

Our sincere thanks to the following people and sponsors:
  • Volunteers Hui Sing, Wei Ling and Bernard for the amazing efforts in creating such a memorable wish experience for Mr Mani
  • Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home for the close partnership and HCA Hospice Care for referring the wish
  • Resorts World Sentosa for the warm hospitality and thoughtful gestures to ensure a smooth and fun outing for Mr Mani and family
  • Hard Rock Cafe for hosting lunch and presenting the family with the iconic Hard Rock T shirts
  • Caring Hearts Nursing for the private nurse to take care of Mr Mani during the outing
  • Hibiscus Florists for the lovely bouquet of flowers
  • Medical Assistance 4 U for their professional and thoughtful service

Site Venue
Sentosa Boardwalk

Singapore Zoo

About the Wish
Mdm Serene's wish was to visit the zoo with her husband, a childhood attraction she had long wanted to revisit.

Mdm Serene's wish was to visit the Singapore Mandai Zoo. Her one and only trip to the zoo was back when she was 10 and it had been her dream to revisit. Given her health condition, Mdm Serene's husband was initially reluctant for her to go on this outing as Mdm Serene had to tolerate pain when walking for prolonged periods. Mdm Serene finally persuaded her husband to join her on this outing, one which she had been looking forward to for a long time.

The wish team was thankful to be able to help Mdm Serene plan this special outing with her husband. Putting together a safe and enjoyable experience can be challenging as family members are often overwhelmed by the care giving processes, they cannot imagine possibilities of getting out and about. To ensure her safety and comfort, the team arranged for a nurse to accompany Mdm Serene at this outing. A wheelchair was also arranged in case it was needed. Mdm Serene's husband was more assured when he understood that AWS prioritised safety protocols under all circumstances. He was grateful to join in a celebration of life in fulfilling his wife's wish request.

Whilst Mdm Serene took in the sights and sounds of the wild surrounded by the lush greenery and habitat of all the animals, she was smitten by Marco, the giraffe. The highlight of her escape from her mundane routine at home was feeding Marco. Mdm Serene's hearty laughter and her sweet calling out of "I love you" to Marco, the giraffe, will always be remembered by the team.

It will always be a privilege for AWS to partner generous organisations. In this case, Wildlife Reserves Singapore made it straight forward and fun throughout Mdm Serene's day at the zoo. Thank you for providing warmth and attentive care to Mdm Serene on the private tour. Our sincere thanks also to Caring Hearts Nursing for the private nurse deployed to take care of Mdm Serene during the outing. We are also very grateful to Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro for hosting lunch. It was an awesome dining experience. It was another successful wish granted filled with warm hospitality, tasty food and such beautiful, lush scenery. We could not be more grateful for the collaborative efforts.

A big thank you to our volunteers Catherine, I-Lin, Jean and Yoke Ling for the amazing teamwork and dedication in creating the most special and memorable wish experience for Mdm Serene.

Site Venue
River Wonders (signboard near Park Entrance)

These are just some of the wishes AWS has granted over the past 4 years. We are grateful that you are taking time to read about them and in turn, be a part of our collective journey in the powerful impact of wish granting.

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